Resonate Jesus

I sat this past week in a crowded little music store in a small, quaint town waiting for my son to finish a guitar lesson.  My passion and love of music has been genetically sequenced to my oldest son.  While roaming the tight isles I happened upon a beautiful guitar, a Gibson J-45.   As I picked it up and began to play it, I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt in my hands, the action and response, like it was made for me.  The sounds and tones were rich, deep and full and resonated through the entire store.  I have never played anything like it.  I didn’t want to put it down.  Resonate.  To resound.  To act as a resonator.  To amplify.  Do I resonate Jesus?  Do I resound Him?  Does my life amplify His’?  What has my life sounded like today?   Too much of me drowning out the melodies of HIm which He desires to resonate from my life.  What is my action and response like?  My life must seem at times like a cheap guitar, difficult at best to play and while it produces a melody, it never seems to resonate beyond my skin.  I think it’s because I live this life, my life, as if it was made just for me.  God didn’t just happen upon my life, He planned it, He created it and He redeemed it.    What would my life sound like if I could make it much about Him?  It would sound . . . well, like Him – resonate Jesus.