The 105

While some of you are longing for Spring to arrive, I on the other hand have very much enjoyed this Winter, especially the feeling of being snowed in.  I have this old cozy chair that sits by a large front window and provides an incredible winter backdrop to the book I am reading.  In the age of Kindles,  iPads (I would love to have one!), and smart phones , there’s still something about holding a hardback in your hands as your fingers manuever across each page.  Right now I am re-reading a book by Timothy Keller called, “Counterfeit Gods.”  It’s an incredible read . . . but that’s for another time.  Sad to say most would not put the Bible into the category of being a great read.  We tend to look at it as we would a dictionary or encyclopedia. We are glad to have it when we have a particular question or problem that we can’t seem to solve.  It has lots of confusing words and lots of “stuff” I will probable never use, but a good read . . . I don’t think so.  I would love to help change that perception by inviting you on an incredible journey called The 105.  Beginning February 7 we are setting out on a journey to read the Bible in 105 days.  As we read I would encourage you to also follow along as we blog some of the incredible stories and life lessons that we discover along the way.  So, pull up a comfy chair with your favorite cup of Java, grab your Bible in your hands, and prepare yourself for an incredible read!