Jesus and the whorehouse

There have been times through our journey together in the 105 that have left me scratching my head. Take this for instance, God speaking to the prophet Hosea.

“The first time God spoke to Hosea he said: ‘Find a whore and marry her.  Make this whore the mother of your children.'”

What??   I mean, wasn’t there a better way to demonstrate to Israel what they were like in relationship to their God?  And the amazing thing is that Hosea doesn’t even question God. He goes and finds a whore named Gomer and begins to have children with her.

I don’t know what to say.  These are the moments that leave me, well, speechless.  And yet, I gaze and grimace at this horrifying illustration of  the utter depravity of God’s people, I have come to this conclusion:  Jesus married a whore.  It is quite easy to look at God’s people from the perspective and point in history in which we find ourselves.  It is quite simple to pass judgment and become indignant of a people who never seemed to get it.  I would dare say that if those OT saints could see my life and the lives of many in the NT Church today they would reach the same conclusion, Jesus married a whore.  My heart is quite deceitful and desperately wicked (Jer. 17:9).  It is always searching for something, to give me, to be to me what only Jesus Christ can. The more I pursue the cross the more I realize these 2 things:  I have a growing awareness of God’s holiness and at the same time I have a growing awareness of my sinfulness.

So today, I am glad that God has chosen to love a whore like me.  May I through His empowering life and grace, become the bride that He died and rose again for me to be.



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