There and Back Again


Resonate.  To resound.  To act as a resonator.  To amplify.  Do I resonate Jesus?  Do I resound Him?  Does my life amplify His’?  What has my life sounded like today?   Too much of me drowning out the melodies of Him which He desires to resonate from my life.  What is my action and response like?  My life must seem at times like a cheap guitar, difficult at best to play and while it produces a melody, it never seems to resonate beyond my skin.  I think it’s because I live this life, my life, as if it was made just for me.  God didn’t just happen upon my life, He planned it, He created it and He redeemed it. What would my life sound like if I could make it much about Him?  It would sound . . . well, like Him – Resonate Jesus.

This is what I penned in my first blog post.  As I read through it again my mind flooded with memories of my unexpected journey in the Gospel these past few years. There is a small town in Pennsylvania, in a region know as the endless mountains, where my family has vacationed since before I was born.  We love the area so much that my family eventually purchased some property.  There is a path that leads above our mountain to one of the highest points in the area.  The journey is spectacular, beautiful, challenging, and terrifying.  When you are at the point of complete exhaustion you finally see a clearing up ahead as you summon what energy you have left.  When you reach the clearing you are completely out of breath, not because of exhaustion, but because of awe.  You see, the endless mountains seem to go on forever and when you reach what you think is the end of your journey you suddenly realize that the journey has just begun.

endless mountains

The Gospel is not something that you start off with and then graduate to something more or something better.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15, “This is of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.” My journey these past few years in the Gospel have been spectacular, beautiful, challenging, and terrifying.  It has taught me this, my journey has just started.  May everything I do, all of my life, Resonate Jesus.